MOMents of Remembrance

In this season of constant change, confusion, and physical distance our human hearts are tempted to turn inward in a vain search for control. Our frustration over the present and anxiety over the future tempt us to move our eyes off of our Father and onto our problems. But God is calling His Church toContinue reading “MOMents of Remembrance”

Sticky Wall (the good kind)

Supplies Contact paper (any color will do)Painters tapeThings that stick Start by cutting your contact paper to the size you want, keeping in mind that bigger is probably better for this activity. Lay the contact paper down on a flat surface, backing-side up (you may want to use a few books to two of theContinue reading “Sticky Wall (the good kind)”

Mess Free Painting

Supplies Needed: Zip top bagPaper (watercolor paper is best, but anything works!)Paint (tempera, acrylic… whatever you’ve got)Packing tape (optional, but highly recommended!) Cut down a piece of paper so that it fits easily into a zip-top bag. Before putting the paper into the bag, squirt small amounts of paint around the page. You can useContinue reading “Mess Free Painting”