Thoughts on Distance and Relationships

This is my third year on leadership, and therefore my third newsletter “thoughts.”  Both my first and third year I was left with the last chosen topic. The second year (last year) I chose first and it didn’t get published due to COVID.  I find it amusing how God knows when we have something heContinue reading “Thoughts on Distance and Relationships”

Bathtub Fun

Supplies Bath tub (or the bottom of shower stall) Shaving cream Plastic cups/spoons/plates/toy cars/animals (Anything safe that your kid has never played with in the tub!) How to Collect supplies with or without your kids – Let them know you have a really fun, new activity for them to do while you’re on your MOMentsContinue reading “Bathtub Fun”

Mentor Mom Panel Reflections

Below are additional questions and follow up on unanswered questions from the Mentor Mom Panel Session. So much wisdom here, we recommend reading through them all! If you could go back and tell your younger self a piece of advice to use during “the little years,” what would that be? These years will fly by.Continue reading “Mentor Mom Panel Reflections”

Thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel”

There are days that I want to “throw in the towel” so to speak. Days where everything that could possibly go wrong does. Those are the days that I need the encouragement of others, especially those who have been through the difficult days of motherhood and have come out the other side mostly sane ~Continue reading “Thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel””

Don’t Waste Your Change

A friend of mine’s son, Wes, is a very enterprising young man. While still in high school hestarted many “revenue streams” such as baking cupcakes or picking up Chick-Fil-A chickenbiscuits before school to then sell to fellow students for a profit. Perhaps his most lucrativeendeavor was what one might call “personal banking.” Students were givenContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Change”

Pumpkin Spice Play-Doh

Tis the season for all things festive and pumpkin spice- including activities for your kids!  My kids have always loved playing with play-doh, and homemade versions seem to last longer, are softer, and smell better (especially this kind!). This recipe is quick, easy and oh so fun!  Most of the ingredients, minus maybe the creamContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Play-Doh”