Thoughts on Remembering God Through Trials

This year has been full of various trials in our world, am I right?  COVID-19, division over a grueling campaign for the presidency…and then there are daily trials in our own homes and lives on top of everything else.  Hardship doesn’t only happen in the year 2020, however.  As much as I wish it wouldContinue reading “Thoughts on Remembering God Through Trials”

Reflections on Distance and Relationships

I just had a Facebook birthday. They are a lot of fun, aren’t they? Seriously, birthday love is a good reasonto be on Facebook!! I heard greetings from relatives, former students, my last boss, neighbors, and friends.I’m old, so I have had plenty of time to collect friends. Most of them don’t live close by.Continue reading “Reflections on Distance and Relationships”