Mentor Reflections on Time in the Word

A question that mentor moms get asked a lot is, ”What is one thing you would have done differently as a mom when your kids were little?”  One thing is hard because there are many.  If I could go back in time and talk to myself, however, I would plead with myself to use whatContinue reading “Mentor Reflections on Time in the Word”

Indoor Snow Play

Supplies Snow – we have plenty of that these days! 😉  Large plastic bins or trays Measuring cups, spoons, plastic coins, cookie cutters, small toys such as plastic dinosaurs or hot wheels cars, etc. Large towels Directions Fill the bins or trays with fresh snow, set your kiddos up at the kitchen table, or evenContinue reading “Indoor Snow Play”

Thoughts on Daily Faith-Building Practices

“Quiet time with the Lord” and “daily reading plans” are words that used to leave me unsettled. Why couldn’t I figure out a structure in my day to accommodate private, devoted Bible study time? I am fairly organized and have no problem scheduling my family’s life (to their dismay sometimes). It became fairly clear toContinue reading “Thoughts on Daily Faith-Building Practices”

Mentor Reflections on The Marriage Talk

It’s difficult to hear hard stories. I’ve been on both ends of these conversations. I’ve shared my own personal difficult stories and been met with quick answers or uncomfortable silence. I felt shamed, misunderstood, and lonely. I’ve also been trusted with others’ scary and sad details and have wanted to run or change the subject.Continue reading “Mentor Reflections on The Marriage Talk”