Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Supplies Hard Boiled Eggs (cooled) Foil Pans (for easiest cleanup) or large bowls or pans Shaving Cream or Cool Whip Food Coloring Paper Towel & Plates Disposable Gloves Small Spatula Table Covering to help cleanup/prevent mess Vinegar (optional) Directions If you want your colors to adhere better and be more vibrant start by soaking yourContinue reading “Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs”

Men’s Panel Q & A

Some additional questions and responses from some of the men from our recent panel – enjoy! Justin…Wife, years married, & kids: Married to Sara for 16 years. I have 1 girl (14) and 3 boys (12, 6, and 4).Best parenting advice you’ve received: When I was a young parent, I had the hardest¬†time because itContinue reading “Men’s Panel Q & A”

Mentor Reflections on the Race and Ethnicity Talk

Last week we watched and listened to Pastor Rich and Pastor Josh talk about race and ethnicity.¬† They discussed some of the major issues we are facing today in the world and in the church, regarding the topics of selfishness, racism, and the sin of partiality. They reminded us that by nature we are sinfulContinue reading “Mentor Reflections on the Race and Ethnicity Talk”