Mentor Mom Reflections: Training Up & Letting Go

I remember the day it dawned on me that staying neatly between the lines was a learned skill,not a skill that comes innately. And I’m not talking about the lines in coloring books – I’m referringto the lane lines that decorate our roadways. During the beginning stages of learning to drive, Iwould semi hold myContinue reading “Mentor Mom Reflections: Training Up & Letting Go”

Wacky Forts

Out of the norm fort building materials such as: Patio furniture Folding tables TV trays Tents  Sheets on a clothesline Cardboard boxes Couch cushions Crib mattresses  Sticks Brooms Tension rods Things to decorate and furnish: Flashlights Stickers Stuffed animals Sleeping bags Snacks How To:If your kid(s) are over the tried and true fort building experience,Continue reading “Wacky Forts”

Middle Mom’s Panel Questions & Resources

Has your parenting style changed since you first became a mom? If so, how? Jaclyn: I think one thing that has changed over time for me is the perspective that my children are fellow image-bearers of God with me. As image-bearers they are worthy of honor, respect, and dignity and they should be treated byContinue reading “Middle Mom’s Panel Questions & Resources”

Thoughts on Living Words…all through the year!

Throughout the past year I have often thought, “It’s so hard to know what is true!” I frequently hear conflicting positions and arguments. From multiple angles, people speak, post, and blog to try to influence me towards their truth.  In light of this experience, I have delighted to participate in reading the Bible through inContinue reading “Thoughts on Living Words…all through the year!”