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Sept 17, 2021 (Theme Verse Day) References

Dave Barnes song, Only Good Will Come of This Pesto Suggestions:– Add to your favorite cooked pasta– Pizza– Ciabatta, pesto, tomato, fresh mozzarella, balsamic glaze– Add to plain Greek yogurt to make a quick dip– Add to mayo and use on a BLT or burger Recommended Products:– Spice Islands Garlic Powder– Kosher Salt & PepperContinue reading “Sept 17, 2021 (Theme Verse Day) References”

References from April 26 Testimonies

Reference at the beginning:– Extravagant Grace: God’s Glory Displayed In Our Weakness by Barbara Duguid Kristi’s References:– Agape Counseling – Adore book by Sara Hagerty Tiffany’s References: – The Gospel Coalition Propitiation Article LaNae’s References:– To the End (LaNae’s testimonial song)

Wacky Forts

Out of the norm fort building materials such as: Patio furniture Folding tables TV trays Tents  Sheets on a clothesline Cardboard boxes Couch cushions Crib mattresses  Sticks Brooms Tension rods Things to decorate and furnish: Flashlights Stickers Stuffed animals Sleeping bags Snacks How To:If your kid(s) are over the tried and true fort building experience,Continue reading “Wacky Forts”

Thoughts on Living Words…all through the year!

Throughout the past year I have often thought, “It’s so hard to know what is true!” I frequently hear conflicting positions and arguments. From multiple angles, people speak, post, and blog to try to influence me towards their truth.  In light of this experience, I have delighted to participate in reading the Bible through inContinue reading “Thoughts on Living Words…all through the year!”

Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Supplies Hard Boiled Eggs (cooled) Foil Pans (for easiest cleanup) or large bowls or pans Shaving Cream or Cool Whip Food Coloring Paper Towel & Plates Disposable Gloves Small Spatula Table Covering to help cleanup/prevent mess Vinegar (optional) Directions If you want your colors to adhere better and be more vibrant start by soaking yourContinue reading “Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs”

Men’s Panel Q & A

Some additional questions and responses from some of the men from our recent panel – enjoy! Justin…Wife, years married, & kids: Married to Sara for 16 years. I have 1 girl (14) and 3 boys (12, 6, and 4).Best parenting advice you’ve received: When I was a young parent, I had the hardest time because itContinue reading “Men’s Panel Q & A”


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