Thoughts on Rejoicing Despite Change

With this topic assignment, I knew I could write a short piece about caterpillars and their clichéd transformation into beautiful butterflies, but this concept really has a lot more to unpack. There is no denying 2020 has been full of changes! Some were expected, many were not, and all have been viewed through the eyesContinue reading “Thoughts on Rejoicing Despite Change”

References from Jennifer’s Talk, Sept 28

MOMents of Remembrance: Rejoicing in God’s Goodness Through Seasons of ChangeJennifer Bateman, September 2020 Questions: In 2020 what changes did you make by your choice and what changes were thrust upon you?   Looking back with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, where did you see God working boldly and quietly in your life during this time?Continue reading “References from Jennifer’s Talk, Sept 28”

MOMents of Remembrance

In this season of constant change, confusion, and physical distance our human hearts are tempted to turn inward in a vain search for control. Our frustration over the present and anxiety over the future tempt us to move our eyes off of our Father and onto our problems. But God is calling His Church toContinue reading “MOMents of Remembrance”