Wacky Forts

Out of the norm fort building materials such as: Patio furniture Folding tables TV trays Tents  Sheets on a clothesline Cardboard boxes Couch cushions Crib mattresses  Sticks Brooms Tension rods Things to decorate and furnish: Flashlights Stickers Stuffed animals Sleeping bags Snacks How To:If your kid(s) are over the tried and true fort building experience,Continue reading “Wacky Forts”

Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Supplies Hard Boiled Eggs (cooled) Foil Pans (for easiest cleanup) or large bowls or pans Shaving Cream or Cool Whip Food Coloring Paper Towel & Plates Disposable Gloves Small Spatula Table Covering to help cleanup/prevent mess Vinegar (optional) Directions If you want your colors to adhere better and be more vibrant start by soaking yourContinue reading “Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs”

Indoor Snow Play

Supplies Snow – we have plenty of that these days! 😉  Large plastic bins or trays Measuring cups, spoons, plastic coins, cookie cutters, small toys such as plastic dinosaurs or hot wheels cars, etc. Large towels Directions Fill the bins or trays with fresh snow, set your kiddos up at the kitchen table, or evenContinue reading “Indoor Snow Play”

Bathtub Fun

Supplies Bath tub (or the bottom of shower stall) Shaving cream Plastic cups/spoons/plates/toy cars/animals (Anything safe that your kid has never played with in the tub!) How to Collect supplies with or without your kids – Let them know you have a really fun, new activity for them to do while you’re on your MOMentsContinue reading “Bathtub Fun”

Pumpkin Spice Play-Doh

Tis the season for all things festive and pumpkin spice- including activities for your kids!  My kids have always loved playing with play-doh, and homemade versions seem to last longer, are softer, and smell better (especially this kind!). This recipe is quick, easy and oh so fun!  Most of the ingredients, minus maybe the creamContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Play-Doh”

Pantry Clean Out

Supplies Kitchen tools such as bowls, strainers, measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, and whisks Items you plan to get rid of from the pantry, like expired protein powder or brewers yeast (lactation cookies, anyone?) Other ingredients you can spare like a bit of salt, a spice you never use, some oats, ground flaxseed, etc.  WaterContinue reading “Pantry Clean Out”