Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Supplies Hard Boiled Eggs (cooled) Foil Pans (for easiest cleanup) or large bowls or pans Shaving Cream or Cool Whip Food Coloring Paper Towel & Plates Disposable Gloves Small Spatula Table Covering to help cleanup/prevent mess Vinegar (optional) Directions If you want your colors to adhere better and be more vibrant start by soaking yourContinue reading “Cream Tie-Dye Easter Eggs”

Pumpkin Spice Play-Doh

Tis the season for all things festive and pumpkin spice- including activities for your kids!  My kids have always loved playing with play-doh, and homemade versions seem to last longer, are softer, and smell better (especially this kind!). This recipe is quick, easy and oh so fun!  Most of the ingredients, minus maybe the creamContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Play-Doh”


Supplies: Pom-pomsCupcake pan or egg cartonKid-friendly tongs, tweezers, spoons, etc. This is a super simple, tried and true activity that ought to buy you enough time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee (or join your discussion group) in peace. Simply provide your kiddo with a cupcake pan (metal or silicone work great), some kidContinue reading “Pom-Pom-palooza”

Sticky Wall (the good kind)

Supplies Contact paper (any color will do)Painters tapeThings that stick Start by cutting your contact paper to the size you want, keeping in mind that bigger is probably better for this activity. Lay the contact paper down on a flat surface, backing-side up (you may want to use a few books to two of theContinue reading “Sticky Wall (the good kind)”