Mentor Mom Reflections: Training Up & Letting Go

I remember the day it dawned on me that staying neatly between the lines was a learned skill,not a skill that comes innately. And I’m not talking about the lines in coloring books – I’m referringto the lane lines that decorate our roadways. During the beginning stages of learning to drive, Iwould semi hold myContinue reading “Mentor Mom Reflections: Training Up & Letting Go”

Mentor Reflections on the Race and Ethnicity Talk

Last week we watched and listened to Pastor Rich and Pastor Josh talk about race and ethnicity.  They discussed some of the major issues we are facing today in the world and in the church, regarding the topics of selfishness, racism, and the sin of partiality. They reminded us that by nature we are sinfulContinue reading “Mentor Reflections on the Race and Ethnicity Talk”

Mentor Reflections on Time in the Word

A question that mentor moms get asked a lot is, ”What is one thing you would have done differently as a mom when your kids were little?”  One thing is hard because there are many.  If I could go back in time and talk to myself, however, I would plead with myself to use whatContinue reading “Mentor Reflections on Time in the Word”

Mentor Mom Panel Reflections

Below are additional questions and follow up on unanswered questions from the Mentor Mom Panel Session. So much wisdom here, we recommend reading through them all! If you could go back and tell your younger self a piece of advice to use during “the little years,” what would that be? These years will fly by.Continue reading “Mentor Mom Panel Reflections”

Thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel”

There are days that I want to “throw in the towel” so to speak. Days where everything that could possibly go wrong does. Those are the days that I need the encouragement of others, especially those who have been through the difficult days of motherhood and have come out the other side mostly sane ~Continue reading “Thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel””