Reflections on Remembering God’s Goodness Through Trials

It often seems that remembering God’s goodness during trials is harder than remembering them aftertrials. When we’re in the middle of a trial, all we can think about is how a good outcome can happen.We’re battling impatience, dead ends, despair, and the fear that the outcome may not be what weexpect, or feel we deserve.Continue reading “Reflections on Remembering God’s Goodness Through Trials”

Thoughts on Remembering God Through Trials

This year has been full of various trials in our world, am I right?  COVID-19, division over a grueling campaign for the presidency…and then there are daily trials in our own homes and lives on top of everything else.  Hardship doesn’t only happen in the year 2020, however.  As much as I wish it wouldContinue reading “Thoughts on Remembering God Through Trials”